Tips & Tricks to Working Remotely during Quarantine

Working Remotely during Quarantine Tips & Tricks

As a REALTOR® I often work remotely, and I have friends and colleagues who do it, too. We all face unique challenges, not only because we have different personalities, but also due to our various lifestyles and family structure. Still, many of the core issues we face working remotely are the same.

With the quarantine everyone who is trying to work remotely is figuring out where to work, when to work, and how to create boundaries with work and personal life. Here are tips to hopefully help you stay productive and maintain balance and a more productive remote-working life:

Create a Morning Routine – Mental and physical health is so important at this time, so working out should be in your morning schedule, even a quick 15 minute walk or yoga practice, check out our HOME WORKOUT BLOG for routines. Wake up, shower and get dressed for work. Do you have children at home? They should be getting dressed for school each day too, this will help put them in the correct mindset for their at home learning.

Create & Post Schedules – A schedule for the week should be created with flexibility for each day and the ups and downs it may bring.  The night before sit down and refine the schedule as needed, create a to do list and include household tasks and meals in your schedule.  By including household chores, you can tackle these during your breaktimes from work, then you don’t feel them looming over you while you are trying to focus on work. Including your meal plan is one less thing that may distract you from your workday focus.  Understand what you can realistically do in the time allotted, list essential tasks first. Having your children’s school schedule handy when creating yours is important, if you have a meeting when they have downtime or a lesson you need to assist with make the needed adjustments.  When you have scheduled meetings, here are some ideas to keep them occupied:  reading time, puzzle time, outdoor time and when all else fails… screen time.  Be sure all schedules are posted where everyone can see them, children have a fear of the unknown, posting schedules will help ease their anxiety.

Create a Workspace - Create a mini-office where you can focus on work. It doesn’t have to be large: a specific area of the kitchen counter, hallway desk, or the dining room table.  A dedicated workspace helps create familiarity and discipline in your day. Once you create a spot for work, don’t let the mess of everyday life take over. Make sure at the end of the workday things are picked up, everything is sorted and organized, and the surface is wiped down.  Leave the at home office area when the workday is done so in the morning you can arrive at your clean, organized workspace.  Remember…a clear desk equals a clear head!

Take Scheduled Breaks - Giving yourself breaks is incredibly important to let your brain and body relax. Do not work yourself to the bone without letting yourself take a break away from screens, meetings and work. Take a 15-minute walk, cross one of the household chores off your to do list, go make some lunch or catch up with a loved one on the phone. This is the one I am trying to focus on during this quarantine, I struggle to put work down…  Don't short-change yourself during breaks, especially your lunch hour. Studies have shown that breaks can improve productivity levels and ability to focus. 

Set Ground Rules It’s important to set some ground rules when working from home with people who share your space. If you have children who are home from home from school, they need clear (preferable posted) rules about what they can and cannot do during your work time.  Make sure everyone in the household has a schedule, take advantage of nap time, “recess” outdoor time and make sure you have quiet time and reading time built into your children’s schedule.

Don’t Hesitate for Ask for What you Need During this quarantine ask your employer for what you need, within reason, you may be working remotely for weeks.  Most companies will help support your work-from-home setup and what you to be comfortable doing your job including the right laptop, software and printer.

Add a little Something Special Whether it’s essential oils, a candle, plant, or fresh misting spray, sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference when you’re working from home. Plants, in particular, can provide a nice visual distraction in the digital age. For me, I know I’m supposed to take breaks and walk outside when I work from home, but some days I’m so busy it doesn’t happen. When I have a few plants in view, however, it brings a bit of that outdoor feeling to my desk. Great smelling accessories can also help create a soothing environment, in my NH Realty Gals office I have aromatherapy machines set up, I think I am going to bring one of them home during this quarantine! Aromatherapy has been shown to regulate emotions, reduce stress, and make you more attentive and alert.

REMEMBER THIS cherish the extra time we get to spend with family, be excited about creating more happy, unforgettable memories… If your family is not at home with your consider facetime,, skype or a Facebook group… I did this snapshot from happy hour last night with a group of amazing friends, even my dog, Monki, got in on it…

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