HOME LEARNING during Quarantine PreK-Grade5

Quarantine + Home Learning for PreK – Grade 5

At home learning for younger Children has lots of challenges, here are some platforms to help you with ideas, programs and lessons to follow.  It’s so important to keep on a schedule during this time, keep a well-rounded learning plan and stay healthy. NH Realty Gals hopes this helps you through this difficult time. 

Scholastics Check out these Scholastic age specific learning platforms (CLICK ON TITLE FOR LINK TO SITE)

Pre-K & Kindergarten 

Grades 1 & 2 

Grades 3, 4 & 5

GRADES 3-5 EXPEDIATION INSECTS aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for grades 3-5. Travel around the world to visit six different types of insects in their natural habitats. Young explorers learn about how evolution is responsible for all the beauty, fearsomeness and awe found in nature’s insects. CLICK HERE FOR LINK 

GRADE 5 LEARN ABOUT SUGAR Smithsonian Science for the Classroom grade 5 physical science module, "How Can We Identify Materials Based on Their Properties?" CLICK HERE

STORY TIME FROM SPACE unlike any other kind of storytime; NASA astronauts read stories to kids while they float around in space.  CLICK-HERE

SCIENCE EXPERIENMENTS WITH BILL NYE  Check out these at home guides to follow with Bill Nye the Science Guy https://www.billnye.com/home-demos

FREE HOMESCHOOL PRINTABLES  NH Realty Gals found this great site  for printable worksheets sorted by grade level: CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLES

MATH SCORE Actively developed by MIT graduates since 2003, MathScore is a research-based, adaptive, supplemental learning program for kindergarten through seventh grade. It contains all of the major components of a learning system, such as assessments, math topics, lessons and score tracking for parents and teachers who want to assess the child’s progress. With MathScore Freemium, you can use the platform for free and only choose to pay when a student is ready for the premium content  CLICK HERE.

DISCOVERYK12 This is a FULL PLATFORM for Homeschooling CLICK-HERE-

LEFT BRAIN CRAFTS  This is a great website for STEM projects and little engineers LEFT BRAIN LINK HERE


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